Level Up Your Landing Pages

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Design

How to Level Up Your Landing Pages

If you’re trying to understand how landing pages help your conversion rates, the statistics can vary. Standalone landing pages do a great job of converting visitors into clients and sales.

Landing Pages are optimized to Convert online traffic in to leads or sales

You’ve probably learned by now: when the numbers aren’t adding up, it means there’s an opportunity to improve something. As landing pages have yet to become the standard conversion point for all websites, implementing landing page best practices now will give you a significant advantage over those competitors, who have yet to adopt them into their web design strategy.

By leveling up your landing pages, you can improve your conversion rate and your bottom line. Whatsmore, you can do it without the added expense of increasing the number of visitors to your site.

To give an idea of how much difference landing pages can make, we found some stats worth highlighting.

Why You Need To Level Up Your Landing Pages.

Use ABC testing on multiple landing pages.

Since you’re looking for information on landing pages, you’ve probably heard using a homepage as a landing page is a bad idea.

For some reason, many businesses think they only need a single landing page – a home landing page – as a catchall for every campaign they’re running. This is not going to be effective unless you only sell a single product or service.

Could you believe, 52% of marketers don’t even create a new landing page for new online campaigns?

What is an “Optimized Landing Page?”

For the same reason, it’s less effective to send every single site visitor to your homepage, it’s not effective to send email subscribers, social media follows, and PPC traffic to the same landing page.

Each channel has unique methods for getting visitors to click through. They also have different promises and goals. So, why would you send them to the same generic page?

When you fully embrace what’s possible with properly designed landing pages you’ll end up creating a specific page for each traffic stream. Before you know it, you’ll be experiencing higher conversion rates!

a maze is show, to represent how an over-complicated landing page is ineffective.

“Less is more” applies to many things, but not landing pages. It’s a fact that 48% of landing pages contain multiple offers. This suggests that the majority of businesses haven’t yet made the connection.

Eliminate Confusion on your Landing Pages

The temptation to squeeze several offers onto a single landing page which you know visitors land on is strong – but don’t do it. Customers want clarity, and will not be oversold if you’re offering something other than what they want. Create strong, confident offers and trust your landing pages to do their work! Also, include a call to action as a single call-to-action button can increase conversions by 62%.

A computer monitor is shown with a podium for first, second and third place.

If you have a couple of landing pages and aren’t converting, don’t give up. Eventually, the more you connect the messaging of your landing page to the arriving audience channel, the better results you’ll get. If this means creating more landing pages – even different ones for segments of the same audience group – then do it (numbers don’t lie).

Embedded Video will increase your Landing Page Conversions

Try polishing the deal by adding some short explainer videos to your landing pages. Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86% – anything capable of producing results that good is worth a shot!
A game board and pair of dice.

Test and Improve Your Landing Pages Over Time

One of the biggest factors that hinder marketing campaigns is not thoroughly testing critical components such as landing pages! Landing pages are where the conversion has to happen, so we need to be sure that every aspect of the page is contributing to conversion! If you’ve been already spent the money and dedicated the time needed to funnel visitors to a specific page – but aren’t seeing results, you can record online sessions and generate user heat maps.

By analyzing user behavior, you can identify what the drop-off point is. Once you see it with your own eyes, you can adjust layouts and messaging to eliminate confusion for the user.

61% of customers do less than five tests per month on their landing pages; excuse me for saying it again but – this is an opportunity! Test your landing pages components, tweak based on your findings and enjoy the increased conversions with just a little extra work. – WSI World

A Rocket ship is orbiting over a planet in the distance.

Last but not least, we come to a pretty obvious fix for an all-too-common landing page mistake: too many form fields. Sure, you want to know everything about everyone, but only so much can be used to your advantage. Your visitors, don’t care. Often times they’re only okay giving the essential information, which is a lot better than zero. Avoid any 15-field forms, at all costs.

It’s a fact, one company found that reducing the number of form fields to 10 or under increases conversions by 120%. Might I suggest taking it a bit further by keeping the number of form fields to less than 5? By keeping things as simple as possible, you can experience conversion improvement firsthand.

Getting Started with your Landing Page Strategy

Now that you have a clear understanding of how to improve your website conversions, you might be wondering where to start. The process of optimizing your site can be daunting. It may be too expensive and time-consuming for you to create a new landing page for every product or service all at once. If this is the case, we can help you with a landing page strategy that will prioritize development based on KPIs. This way, the production continues and expenses can be spread out over a period of time.