About Us

After 15 years of living on a rock in the Caribbean, we brought our international branding and digital marketing experience to our home town of KC. It has been a challenge, also cold at times. Now we’re building something that is our own vision has been both rewarding and a little nerve-racking.

We Turn Brands into Experiences

Our Story

CreatiVertical is a Graphic Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing company located in the greater Kansas City area. We specialize in producing web design, rebranding businesses, and developing effective marketing strategies for businesses in the KC metro area, and the Virgin Islands. We improve brands, optimize web user experience, manage online campaigns and improve lead quality to improve marketing ROI for small to medium-sized businesses.

Why CreatiVertical

As we continue to learn about the digital landscape in the KC area, we’re more encouraged and more focused than ever to branch out and keep networking. Not only for the businesses we can help in KC, but for those, we’ll continue to work alongside in the British Virgin Islands.

If you’re curious to learn more about what we do and why we do it, follow us.

OUR Team

Nick Cunha

Nick Cunha

Marketing Sherpa

With over 15 years experience designing brands, publishing magazines and building websites, Nick is a Front-end and user experience focused designer who is just nerdy enough to deliver ROI positive results in highly targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Jayne Gray

Jayne Gray

Commercial Consultant

Jayne’s corporate UK and Caribbean experience has landed her marketing and digital strategy jobs in some of the top Telecoms in the world. She applies enterprise-level insight to start-ups and mid-sized businesses.


Jayne Gray

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CreatiVertical Office

154 Anchor Drive, Lake Tapawingo

Missouri 64015 USA

Local: 816 237 6187

Free Consultations: 816 263 1121

Email: info@creativertical.com

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