eCommerce Websites are Helping Businesses during Covid-19

by | Jun 17, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of people are self-isolated across the globe and making use of the internet more than before. According to the COVID-19 Commerce Insight tracker, new data shows that the eCommerce revenue has increased up to 37% and online orders are up 54% in the past few months compared to the same time last year. Are you looking out for ways to heighten your business during COVID-19? Having a transactional website for your business would be a great idea.

Ecommerce and online sales from physical stores have drastically increased in the past few weeks. So, adopting Ecommerce also allows live data to be visualized in real-time, which can give valuable insight into which products are high or low performers. Ecommerce systems also tie into direct sales digital marketing campaigns which can track ROI instantly.

eCommerce Websites + COVID-19

Developing an eCommerce website for your business? You need to know this

  • eCommerce Websites are advantageous to Small and Large Businesses alike
  • Know how much time it takes to deploy your Ecommerce Site. It might be around 3 weeks 
  • Prepare your company for online transactions. Set up an inventory, choose payment options and steps to fulfill the online order
  • Look for eCommerce challenges in overseas territories like the British Virgin Islands, if any. You may face challenges such as shipping overseas is cost-prohibitive and not all banks are online capable.
  • Check out if you need to use a website builder platform like Shopify or Big Commerce. Get help from experts to make use of it.
  • Recouping the investment for a New Ecommerce site can begin immediately by including processing and order fulfillment fees.

Tips for eCommerce websites to develop BVI businesses during COVID-19

  1. Make use of Homepage: Establish clear communication with your customers on the homepage. Display updates on the information bar related to COVID-19, such as safety measures and shipping options. You can also use the footer space if your site doesn’t have an information banner.
  2. Shipping costs: Lower the costs of shipping or provide free shipping since most of the physical stores are closed and online delivery is the only option for customers to get the products. Free shipping will boost your online sales.
  3. FAQ: Read customer emails and analyze customer-support calls to understand their product and service-related needs during COVID-19. Check out frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answer them on your FAQ page. Link COVID-19 updates on the information bar, banner, and shopping cart with the FAQs page.
  4. Customer service: Keep your chat, email, call center updated, and ensure that the communication is consistent with the customers. Consistent communication is important to build trust.
  5. Social media marketing: Allow transparency in business to build trust. Use Instagram to post pictures of your warehouse, Facebook to share a video of your call center and answer customers’ questions on LinkedIn to highlight teamwork and customer satisfaction.

Online shopping awards may benefit companies who adopt them. For lower-margin stores like grocery chains, hardware stores, clothing retailers, the ability to add a flat fee for every order is a huge win. Convenience is valuable, especially during global pandemics. Delivery is especially convenient because customers may be willing to pay up to 20% extra if delivery is included. This would not only be a welcome add-on for your customers but also an additional revenue stream for your business.

We can provide an eCommerce solution to develop your business online during COVID-19, contact us today!