7 Tips to Improve Local Visibility Online

by | Apr 24, 2020

Creating a strategy for a local business is slightly different from the standard digital marketing methods used for other online businesses. To improve local visibility online, your focus is should be to direct your content specifically for the audience in your geographic location and nearby areas. Designing an effective strategy for Local SEO is important to engage consumers and build brand awareness for your local business.

Digital Marketing Strategies for your Local Businesses:

1. Establish your Local Brand Online

Present a clear picture of your business and demonstrate to the audience what your brand stands for. Customers must identify your brand. Create an identity before starting a marketing campaign so that customers can determine your brand through logo, name, colors, and images.

2. Claim your Local Business Listings on Online Directories

Consumers often look for information and reviews about the local businesses on sites like Google. So, you can benefit a lot by claiming your business local listing. Make sure you update your company’s address, website URL, phone number, and email on the site. You can also add photos of your business, products, and services on Google.

3. Design mobile-friendly website

The majority of consumers use smartphones to get any information or find nearby services they are looking for. To grab the attention of these customers, it is important to design a user-friendly website making it easier for the audience to browse through the site. If the website isn’t responsive, people are likely to leave the site while browsing. Mobile-friendliness also increases the ranking factor which in turn increases the visibility of the website.

4. Optimize Web Content for local search

Most consumers rely on Google to find local businesses. For example, people might search for the best gift shop in Missouri. For your business to show up in the results, you need to do local SEO. The website needs to be optimized to rank better for both, business type (product, services) and your neighborhood city or town to increase the number of audiences visiting your business.

5. Post to Local Social Media Groups Regularly

This is a vital digital marketing tip to target your potential customers online. Plan an effective strategy to engage people by posting on social media. Posting regularly will help your products and services to stay on the top of their mind. Photos and videos related to your business can be helpful to engage your potential customers on social media. Also, include a call to action for your postings.

6. Ask Local Customers to Share Feedback and Reviews Online

Remind your customers to share reviews on Google and Yelp. Positive comments and feedback are very important to maintain the online reputation of the business. Sometimes, your business might get negative reviews. Accept this constructive criticism to improve your business.

7. Build Effective content strategies

Along with products and services, customers also look for useful information from the businesses. For example, a customer at a boutique may search for helpful content from the business related to what is the latest fashion trend. So, make sure you keep your website content updated and provide necessary information to consumers.

If you are looking for exceptional digital marketing ideas to develop your business online, talk to our local marketing experts!