How to Improve a Website

Introduction: You want to improve your website and have no idea where to start. There is an infinite number of ways to improve a website but the question is, what is you outcome that you desire? 

1. Improve a Website for Local Traffic

If you want to increase your organic traffic around the local area, you can start by optimizing content to improve a website so it is mobile-friendly. Google likes mobile-friendly sites and often rewards them by ranking them higher than other local, less modern websites.

Next, you’ll want to create, claim and verify your local listing on Google to make sure your business is showing up in the local search results.

If you are not showing up in the local search results, then it’s likely people will not be able to find you as easily. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve a website’s local traffic.

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2: Improve a website’s traffic for organic Global Traffic

Surprisingly, there are companies out there that expect that simply having a website on the “worldwide web” means that they will all of the sudden get traffic all over the globe, with little or no effort and minimal investment.

Since there are hundreds of millions of websites online, this is no longer a possibility. It takes time to improve a website, and for a website to be recognized by search engines and a ton of effort to establish enough authority to rank competitively for most industries.

There are no shortcuts to the Top 5 Search Results on Google. Even with a great foundation of SEO and mobile-friendly design, you’ll soon realize that more is needed to increase the rate of climb to the top. 

The best place to start, for getting good ranking is good content. The problem, good content is hard, takes hours and hours and the process can become tiresome. I have found blog writers are limited and AI blog generators that work, but aren’t perfect. Between the two, I have been able to leverage both in a way that supports me in creating better quality and higher volume but I still spend a lot of time on it. I probably create 3X more content than I used to in the same amount of time. 

SEO is critical, but it is a long and slow process that many businesses do not understand. It takes a lot of patience with SEO. Months to years to move from top 10 to top 3. Most people on page 1 are all looking at the same things and it’s a bit of ballet to watch who rises and falls depending on the day.

Anyone who says they have a shortcut to the top, wait a week. They will soon be flagged by Search Engines, penalized, sometimes banned. When they take risks it can severely harm a client’s domain reputation forever. There are many Search Engine Optimization companies that offer guarantees.

These guarantees often include a price (usually around $400 per month), i.e. for a set fee, they will guarantee to rank you in the Top 3 for a given keyword. Don’t trust these scammers!

The only true shortcut to the Top 5 Search Results on Google, is accepting there isn’t one.

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3: Improve a Website Paid Traffic

If you are paying for traffic there is probably a monetary gain to be had. Thus it is essential to improve a website to increase the chance for a successful campaign.

Whether you’re selling products in an eCommerce store or generating leads to sell professional services, you’re investing in the paid traffic with the expectation that the outcome will result in you receiving more revenue from the product sales or services than you have invested into the paid traffic sources. Simply put you are looking for paid traffic for the ROI (return on investment) or ROAS (return on ad spend). 

There are many different ways to spend money on paid traffic, each with its own nuances and particular requirements. If you are spending money on paid traffic, you are probably tracking your return on investment. 

Google has made it easy to give them money for traffic. It’s a good idea to hire a Google Premier Partner as a PPC consultant for a few months to see if paid traffic is a viable option before you fully commit to it or even start experimenting on your own. Expect to spend a bit of money to get the campaigns set up to perform optimally. 

Most Google Partners charge a separate fee depending on the channels you want to place ads on. Expect to pay between $800 – $1500 per channel, ie. Google/Youtube, Bing, Facebook/Instagram, and Amazon. They will likely provide a recommendation depending on your product or service. 

After that, they will usually perform the keyword research, provide you an estimated cost per click (CPC), Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Cost per Acquisition (CPA) then give you a proposal for a minimum period. 3 months is a pretty good starting period to set baselines and gather data that will help you plan for a longer campaign or to never do it again.

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4: Improve a Website Conversion Rate

There are basic ways to improve website conversions and then there are not so basic ways.

The simplest way to improve conversions is to install analytics on your site and review it. Look out for which pages get the most traffic and add a Call to Action (CTA) to them. A call-to-action can be selling a product, filling a form, or even downloading a file. There are others, but these are the most popular. If it’s a blog that gets a lot of traffic, add a subscribe opt-in.

The second simplest way to improve a website’s conversions is with good landing pages

Landing pages are a little more involved than simply adding forms, buy now buttons, and downloads. They are usually designed with paid traffic audiences in mind.

Often times the landing page will have multiple CTAs on a page but a more prominent, primary CTA as the focal point. Landing pages do a great job at exciting, educating, and convincing a person to convert during their first visit.

The most hardcore, high-level way of Improving a Website Conversion rate is through a CRO Consultant or Agency

One tactic a web developer will use to optimize ROI or ROAS is through a practice called Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). During a CRO campaign, developers use tools to record user activity on-site through, heatmaps, session recording which provides analytics from mouse tracking, eye tracking, and more. It sounds invasive but is necessary if you want to get the most out of your site traffic.

A great CRO team will also analyze the style and intent of the messaging and language used on your site. They identify passive voices and make the content communicate more clearly and confidently. These psychological factors seem trivial but are proven to be effective, measurable actions to take.

CRO experts can immensely improve the ROI of a paid campaign in 1 – 3 months. They are quite expensive $400+ per hour but if you have an eCommerce store that’s making $10 Million a month and a CRO specialist can increase your conversion rate by 20%, a measly $15k  for a few months of work pays for itself quickly.

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More thing to consider in order to Improve a Website’s Traffic

Why SEO can Outperform Paid Traffic

Your website’s ranking on Google depends on several factors, including the age of the domain, bounce rate, keyword relevance, and several other measures implemented in the back end of a website’s development. On order domain with a low bounce rate and high keyword relevance will increase website traffic

These rankings come from organic traffic. When analyzing the success of website performance, the first benchmark should be the amount of organic traffic you get.

With organic traffic, a common misconception is that you spend little or no effort increasing traffic to your web page, this is false. 

However, if you’ve done the necessary steps to generate organic traffic in the initial planning stages, it reduces the need to invest in “paid for clicks” (PPC) from search engines or social media platforms. That doesn’t mean PPC will be a waste of time, by any means.

A Custom-Tailored Web Traffic Strategy to Improve a Website

Which web traffic strategy to use to improve a website, is of course dependent on your business model and how competitive it is. A well-tailored web traffic strategy will incorporate the perfect mix of SEO, and PPC and the ratios may fluctuate seasonally. This is what is known as an integrated SEO campaign, which experienced digital marketing experts can help you achieve.

Learn how competitive your business is online, to Improve a Website

For example, if you are a water removal service and your busiest time is in the summer, people need your service immediately. Versus in the winter, people may only want to research it for the coming summer.

In this scenario, PPC in the summer will give you immediate leads which can be instantly converted. Whereas, if you pay for the same click in the middle of winter you won’t see any benefit until the next summer.

The solution for this would be to lean on PPC in the summer, for instant ROI, and lean on SEO and publishing content for people who are doing research in the winter, to build up your prospect list.

If you have significant traffic growth without putting in much effort to either PPC or SEO, you’ve mastered the key to profitable web success and you should start a Digital Marketing Company.

Integrating Monetization to Improve a Website

The next step to improve a website is figuring out how to monetize your traffic. Simply put, monetizing web traffic can be done by capturing leads, placing ads, or selling products or services on your site.

Once it’s in place, don’t expect to go on an extended vacation and expect to return to the same revenue. If you aren’t growing your traffic, you’re losing it. In order to keep your traffic growth climbing, you should really be continuously publishing great web content, and engaging in social media on a daily, or at least weekly, basis. Social media and content publishing will ensure your rankings are relatively stable or continuing to grow.

The value of business conducted from your website is proportional to the number of people who see it. More people visiting your web page means more opportunities to acquire a client or make sales. 

Of course, you need the correct systems in place to capture information on the people who are interested in your services and products, via Inbound Marketing software (aka CRMs).

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What are the benefits of More Traffic when we Improve a Website?

It is both an important indicator and a driver of business growth to improve a website. As more and more business is being sought and conducted on the web, it is crucial for any small business to the large organization in our modern, online world. 

Analyzing web traffic can help you Improve a Website, as well as:

  • Indicate how well your marketing initiates are working to improve a website
  • Gather insights about your audience, and make product launches and campaigns accordingly to improve a website
  • Improve your SEO strategy and credibility to improve a website
  • Generate more leads – increase conversions – gain more customers

Depending on if your service is local or global, what demographics are interested in your products, and other information, digital marketing experts like CreatiVertical can target and capture leads and sales online.

Improve a website to get the most out of your web traffic. Contact the team at CreatiVertical, to get started.