What are Community Managers?

by | Sep 17, 2019

The terms ‘Social Media Management’ and ‘Community Management’ are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference between community managers and social media managers.

A Social Media Manager’s role is to ‘be the brand’ on social media. They create content, copy, and posts, and respond to questions as the brand. They often direct their content towards customers and users already familiar with the brand and products.

Community Managers advocate the brand on social media. They create their own persona and actively go out into the online community to connect with potential new customers. Community management is key to creating your brand identity.

A social media manager is responsible for being the brand on social media.

They create content, craft copy for posts, respond to comments, answer questions, and much more. Social media managers, more often than not, deal with people who have a relationship with, or have heard of, the brand.

A community manager is responsible for advocating a brand on social networks. They create their own social persona and actively go out within the online community to connect with potential customers and advocate accordingly. Community managers typically deal with those who may or may not have heard of the business they work for, and boost awareness for the brand.

Difference Between Social Media and Community Managers

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How Does Community Management Help Your Business?

Community management is a core part of creating your online presence and expanding your customer base online. It requires communication and outreach to those not necessarily familiar with the business. 

A community manager focuses on building relationships with your customer base and boosting online awareness. They go online to connect with potential customers and advocate accordingly. The term ‘community’ typically refers to a small, centrally located population. In the online world with high-speed internet, an online community can consist of people worldwide. 

Benefits of Hiring a Community Manager

It’s easy enough for anyone to create an online presence. However, it is an ongoing process to expand and ensure positive client interaction. A community manager acts as the ‘face’ of the brand online, and deal with a number of tasks on a daily basis including:

  1. Addressing customer complaints
  2. Networking with other brands
  3. Gathering feedback from your clientele
  4. Building your brand image and reputation online
  5. Increasing web traffic from return visitors

Establishing, maintaining, and protecting a brand’s reputation is crucial in any industry. Experienced Community Managers have the skills to turn even your toughest critics into loyal brand ambassadors.

A Community Manager tracks valuable Data

By hiring a dedicated Community Manager, you are granted the ability to constantly monitor your community feed. The Manager collects data such as:

  • Market trends
  • Customer base sentiments
  • Building issues

A brand that is on the pulse with its community is a brand that stays ahead of the game. Innovation, product development, and target market appeal come faster when your company works with a Community Manager. You’ll develop a process to, and continue to be more efficient, as you have a live feed into the wants and needs of your target demographic.

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