6 Reasons Why Email Marketing will Grow your Online Brand

by | Jan 28, 2020

Email Marketing isn’t dead.

Email marketing is alive and well. It’s more personal, dynamic, and effective than ever. So, we’ve provided 6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Will Grow your Online brand. To put it simply, email marketing is smarter than you think.

For those who claim otherwise, we would wholeheartedly disagree. This is, despite the fact that 90% of all emails sent across the web are spam, but there are bigger players involved, who recognize that old technology is mostly at fault.

Isn’t Email Marketing Spam?

It can be, but good luck getting past companies like Google and SendGrid. These teams are making life for spammers, increasingly difficult and more expensive.

This is a good thing. It allows for legit companies to personalize their audience’s experience based on previous purchases, and interests while keeping it affordable and scalable. This is a good thing!

By protecting our inboxes, we’re giving honest SMBs marketing options that not only sell their products but support their clientele and boost their online reputation. This increases the chance of return purchases and future interactions.

We can all agree, nobody likes to be the recipient of spam, but everyone has an email address.

Despite what people say, ongoing research, and constant innovation in spam blocking, many consumers prefer to receive information from companies via email.

6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Will Grow Your Online Brand

  1. You’ll build stronger connections with your clients
  2. Keep them in the loop about news and promotions that might interest them.
  3. Generate positive verified user reviews and ratings after a purchase.
  4. With measurable analytics that can aid in increasing your bottom line.
  5. It can be highly targeted and customized to reach a specific audience.
  6. Its performance is fully measurable.

Will Email Marketing Work for You?

If it sounds like your clients would benefit, so will you! Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that you should be investing in.

Email marketing is not only a valuable marketing tactic; it is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. And, surprisingly, also one of the most affordable methods of internet marketing.

It also takes advantage of the Internet user’s most productive and personal connection to the internet – his or her inbox.