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Digital Marketing Tips

How to Build Brand Awareness Online

How to Build Brand Awareness Online

It's not only easy to Build Brand Awareness Online but also a cost-effictive way to promote your business. It reduces the need for companies to invest thousands of dollars for ad space in print magazines, billboards, or sponsorships. Also, in the digital world, a...

Level Up Your Landing Pages

Level Up Your Landing Pages

How to Level Up Your Landing Pages If you're trying to understand how landing pages help your conversion rates, the statistics can vary. Standalone landing pages do a great job of converting visitors into clients and sales. Landing Pages are optimized to Convert...

How to Increase Web Traffic

How to Increase Web Traffic

Learning how to increase web traffic, is critical to any online business. When launching a new or existing digital brand, it’s common for people to design or improve a website without considering a strategy of how to increase web traffic. This is a critical mistake...

What are Community Managers?

What are Community Managers?

The terms ‘Social Media Management’ and ‘Community Management’ are often used interchangeably. However, there is a difference between community managers and social media managers. A Social Media Manager’s role is to ‘be the brand’ on social media. They create content,...

Adding a Chat Bot Vs Humans, The War Rages On

Adding a Chat Bot Vs Humans, The War Rages On

People want answers, and they want them now. When we're looking for information online our attention span is pretty short, and our buying impulse can disappear in an instant. Capturing my attention requires a bit more effort and for good reason. But, which is better,...

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