One Strategy Does not fit all

Digital Marketing is a crucial component to any small to large size businesses’ marketing agenda. Every company needs a game plan when it comes to what digital marketing strategies to use and how to use them effectively. At CreatiVertical, we have 30 years of combined experience in the industry, in order to provide services which are measurable, cutting edge, and proven to drive more traffic, leads, and sales

Why do Some Digital Marketing Strategies work better?

Everything depends on your business model and goals.

We plan, produce, measure and improve marketing ROI for companies in niche to mainstream markets. We offer a comprehensive range of services related to all aspects of internet marketing, following the latest global technologies and strategies available.

Which Digital Strategy is right for you?

Small businesses often seek help establishing and managing social media pages to grow followers, and in turn, attract more customers. Companies benefit by setting up an automated lead generation machine. Some don’t have the time or feel they have the appropriate skills to write their own press releases, newsletters, and blogs. All of these and more are services we can help you with to maximize the performance of your business online.

Email Marketing

Marketing through email is a valuable online business tool. It is not only one of the most important, but one of the most affordable. Think about the number of times you are asked for your email, both on and offline. Often, it is to add you to a monthly, weekly, or daily newsletter blast which uses captivating headlines in order to prompt you to open the email.

The popularity of this tool stems from the fact it can be customized to reach specific audiences, and its performance is measurable. By investing in email marketing, you have an easy way to reach out to your potential customers, and identify what specific keywords or captions entice them to open the message. These emails contain captivating stories, deals, or pieces of interest which then lead the consumer to your website.

Lead Generation Services

With Lead Generation services (aka Inbound Marketing), you convert individuals who are searching for your product into prospective customers. It is done so by specific strategies to position your page at the top of these search engine rankings.

‘Cold calling’ clients over the telephone to pitch your services are becoming a technique of the past. Similarly, purchasing a 1/4 page ad in the yellow-pages will not have an effective ROI. Today, consumers are empowered to go on Google or another search engine whenever they wish for information on a product or service. Business owners need to ensure their company’s information is both correct, and readily available online.

Graphic Design Services

CreatiVertical specializes in graphic design services which we offer for web and print advertising, in addition to corporate branding and publications. We’ve evolved our graphic design skills, using the latest software tools since 2002. Modern programs allow us to create eye-catching marketing pieces, from simple print flyers, to 3D and animated graphics for your website. Below is a form for new potential clients to fill out in order to provide us with an idea of the services you’ll need. Discover more about our graphic design services.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

When users are already on a website and click on an advertisement which appeals to them, that is Pay Per Click Advertising.

It is effective for a variety of reasons, including ease and convenience for the users, and cost-effective for the service provider. Users find this method unobtrusive, unlike a pop-up ad or advertisement which gets in the way of their searching. Instead, it reduces their search time and connects them with items of interest which is similar to what they’re looking for. For the providers, they only pay when their advertisement is clicked, and traffic is directed to their site.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the strongest tools in the online world. With more consumers gathering their information and sharing content though social media platforms, it is a free and efficient way for any business to gain exposure.

Certain social media platforms work well for certain businesses, whereas others may not be worth the time and investment. By working with Social Media Marketing experts, they will aide you to come up with a social media strategy to suit your company’s specific needs. Social Media Marketing includes the initial setup, content posting, and monitoring. It can be a very time-consuming initiative for a small organization, but can easily be outsourced to digital marketing professionals.

Mobile Web Design

A website on your computer will not display the same as it does on a Smartphone without an effective Mobile Web Design. Our team of web developers are experts in responsive web design, which ensures your site will dynamically adapt to the screen which the information is being displayed.

In addition to your modern website, we format the layout and functions to be mobile-device friendly, with 20+ SEO factors which will make your site stand out above competitors. We offer a range of custom designs from simple, yet effective styles to suit smaller budgets, up to full-functional websites with unique features and functions.

There are a number of ‘do it yourself’ tutorials on YouTube for creating a website for your business, which make it seem easy, but there are many benefits and unseen advantages from employing professional website designers.

Professionals are able to create custom layouts, features, and schemes, unavailable on standard templates. With so many websites and competition on the web in any industry, you need to make your page look both polished and unique.

Web Development

Web Development incorporates more than just the initial aspects of creating a website. It involves the back end coding and layout, and deals with the functionality and user experience of web design. A website template can only offer a user so much.

By investing in web development services, you can work with the developer to customize your site, add in or swap functions such as menus, displays and advertisements. Most importantly, web development services determine how the individual functions work together to create an engaging website. With ongoing support, a web developer can change and adjust features on your site based on user feedback, traffic, and the needs of your current business agenda.

Community Management

What is the benefit of hiring an active community manager? After the establishing a website and social media platforms, it takes time and dedication to maintain a positive online presence. Community managers expand existing followers, engage with consumers, and build a relationship with current and prospective clients in the digital world. They are the online ‘face’ of a brand, and ensure positive client interaction. This role is easily outsourced to digital marketing experts who learn the core values, and voice of our company.

Day-to-day duties of a Community Manager include:

  • Addressing customer complaints
  • Responding to online reviews
  • Networking with other brands
  • Feedback from your clientele
  • Building up your brand image and reputation
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today, search engines like Google and Bing, are the most common way modern technology users find information about the products and services which they are interested in. When a user searches for something you offer, a search engine will provide links to your website. If a search engine doesn’t pick up on your site when users look for particular content, you are losing out on a lot of potential traffic. There are effective tools behind SEO which can help position your website higher in the rankings, without investing in advertising. At CreatiVertical, we have insights and analytics tools which give us feedback on how to improve your site’s SEO.

Content Marketing

The digital marketing strategy known as Content Marketing dedicates time into creating and distributing content which is valuable, relevant and interesting to the target audience.

For example, blogs are tools which companies in a variety of industries use to drive traffic to their website through articles which are of interest to their audience. It is a non-intrusive and indirect way of selling, as you are providing valuable information about your industry and relating it back to the products and services your potential customer base may find of interest.