Learning how to increase web traffic, is critical to any online business.

When launching a new or existing digital brand, it’s common for people to design or improve a website without considering a strategy of how to increase web traffic.

This is a critical mistake and should be corrected immediately, as it is harder to implement changes once a site has been up and running. If your intention is to grow your business online, creating the site with the goal of generating traffic should be incorporated in the early stages of planning and design.

Key terms you need to know in order to increase website traffic

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. This is how well your website will appear on search engines. Simply put, marketers make it easy for search engines to crawl index and rank the website. More than 90% of website traffic comes from the first page of a Google search results page. Therefore, you need what is called an ‘SEO strategy’ in order to increase web traffic so it’s easier for prospective clients to find your website.

Organic traffic: This is the opposite of paid traffic. Visitors to your site have found your business through a search engine like Google or Bing. It also includes visitors who have your web address from a a business card, referral, or some other marketing material they picked up, not online.

Paid traffic: Opposite of organic traffic, paid traffic is where visitors are referred to your site by other websites, or by advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other social media pages.

Why SEO can Outperform Paid Traffic

Your website’s ranking on Google depends on several factors, including the age of domain, bounce rate, keyword relevance, and several other measures implemented in the back end of a website’s development. On order domain with a low bounce rate and high keyword relevance will increase website traffic

These rankings come from organic traffic. When analyzing the success of website performance, the first benchmark should be the amount of organic traffic you get.

With organic traffic, a common misconception is that you spend little or no effort increasing traffic to your web page, this is false. 

However, if you’ve done the necessary steps to generate organic traffic in the initial planning stages, it reduces the need to invest in “paid for clicks” (PPC) from search engines or social media platforms. That doesn’t mean PPC will be a waste of time, by any means.

A Custom-Tailored Strategy to Increase Web Traffic

Which web traffic strategy to use, is of course dependent on your business model and how competitive it is. A well tailored web traffic strategy will incorporate the perfect mix of SEO, and PPC and the ratios may fluctuate seasonally. This is what is known as an integrated SEO campaign, which experienced digital marketing experts can help you achieve.

Find out how competitive your business is, online. 

For example, if you are a water removal service and you’re busiest time is in the summer, people need your service immediately. Versus in the winter, people may only want to research it for the coming summer.

In this scenario, PPC in the summer will give you immediate leads which can be instantly converted. Where as, if you pay for the same click in the middle of winter you wont see any benefit until the next summer.

The solution for this would be to lean on PPC in the summer, for instant ROI, and lean on SEO and publishing content for people are doing research in the winter, to build up your prospect list.

If you have significant traffic growth without putting in much effort to either PPC or SEO, you’ve mastered the key to profitable web success and your should start a Digital Marketing Company.

Monetizing Web Traffic

The next step is figuring out how to monetize your traffic. Simply put, monetizing web traffic can be done by capturing leads, placing ads, or selling products or services on your site.

Once it’s in place, don’t expect to go on an extended vacation and expect to return to the same revenue. If you aren’t growing your traffic, you’re losing it. In order to keep your traffic growth climbing, you should really be continuously publishing great web content, and engaging in social media on a daily, or at least weekly, basis. Social media and content publishing will ensure your rankings are relatively stable or continuing to grow.

The value of business conducted from your website is proportional to the number of people who see it. More people visiting your web page means more opportunities to acquire a client or make sales. 

Of course, you need the correct systems in place to capture information on the people who are interested in your services and products, via Inbound Marketing software (aka CRMs).

What are the benefits of web traffic?

It is both an important indicator and driver of business growth. As more and more business is being sought and conducted on the web, it is a crucial for any small business to large organization in our modern, online word. 

Analyzing web traffic can help you to:

  • Indicate how well your marketing initiates are working
  • Gather insights about your audience, and make product launches and campaigns accordingly
  • Improve your SEO strategy and credibility
  • Generate more leads – increase conversions – gain more customers

Depending on if your service is local or global, what demographics are interested in your products, and other information, digital marketing experts like CreatiVertical can target relevant traffic and deliver it for conversation.

Get the most out of your web traffic. Contact the Web Traffic Experts at CreatiVertical to be paired with a tailored Web Strategy for your business or Schedule a free consultation to learn more.


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